Friday, March 02, 2007

Minding your own business

“You are here to create the world around you that you choose, while you allow the world-as others choose it to be- to exist also. And while their choices in no way hinder your own choices, your attention to what they are choosing does affect your vibration, and therefore your point of attraction.” The Teacher Abraham

Growing up I often encountered a scolding suggestion “to mind my own business.” Sometimes it was directed at me and other times it was directed elsewhere. Either way it did not sound like a good thing. The “business” I was minding was interesting to me and I was being told that I should not want to be interested. This just did not add up. As I grew up and developed more autonomy, it became possible for me to mind as much “business” as I wanted. I could gossip, I could read newspapers, I could watch 24 hour news broadcasts, I could even fill up the spare moments at work going on-line to read about the mostly unfortunate “business” of others. Now that I am all grown up I am free to mind other people’s business as much as I want. In fact I am free to place my attention anywhere I please.

This freedom however is being encroached upon by the effects of my Yoga practice. Over the years I have begun to feel and to take note of how and what I feel, which is to say I am becoming one who notices. For example if I am embellishing a story to be funny or make myself look good I am now noticing that I am lying. If I silently judge someone I am now noticing that I have the sinking feeling that I am probably just accusing someone of behaving the way I do. If I leave trash on a train or in a cab I am aware that I am doing harm. Similarly I have started to notice that there is a profound difference between the way I feel when I put my attention on what I want as opposed to placing my attention on what I don’t want.

I am coming to believe that there is in fact my business and not my business. For example every time I reflect on the 200 million dollars Paul Newman’s company has donated to charities I feel so proud of him, and happy for him, and inspired by him. The same goes for Jimmy Carter whose organization is preventing 10 million people a year from going blind from disease. Just writing this makes me happy and excited. I feel genuinely connected to the beauty of life and the innate dignity of humanity. This is my business. When I think about gun lobbies and tobacco lobbies I feel sad, frustrated, alone, powerless; I feel like a victim. This is none of my business.

Having established what is and is not my business has not prevented me from falling into the pitfall of believing that others’ choices had the capacity to hinder my own. I have spent what feels like many lifetimes in this lifetime worrying about how others choices effected me only to discover that it was the vibration of worry that was the problem. What I am learning is that I cannot be against something and for something at the same time. What I am learning is that when I take my attention away from what I am for I lose touch with the vision that lights my way. What I am learning is that it is my business to make my dreams come true.


Blogger Donna Dallal-Ferne said...

hey rolf....

so nice to find you here and "blogging"!! i too recently started a blog. in fact, i started mine only maybe a couple of weeks after you... pretty funny. so, "mind your own business" at least is a pretty direct message. most of the messages i got as a kid were pretty subtle, and i still find myself deciphering the code all these years later. i find myself coming to these not always so comfortable ah-ha's of why something so simple becomes so difficult. ... and then there is the recovery of the yoga mat and a therpeutic life!! check me out at congrats and so nice to see tha you are now shining in the big apple. i'll look for you next time i come down! big hugs, donna

10:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Rolf,
Just happened on this entry. Reminds me of the ending to Gwendolyn Brooks's poem, "Paul Robeson": "...Warning, in music-words/devout and large,/that we are each other's/harvest:/we are each other's/business:/we are each other's/magnitude and bond."

Jennifer Collison (from Empowered Yoga)

8:33 PM  

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