Monday, December 18, 2006

Appreciation Part II

A few years ago my wife and I became parents. We are, for now, to a large extent responsible for the world our children are growing into. This responsibility threw into stark relief a central question on the spiritual path: “Who creates your reality?” Were my wife and I at the mercy of the world around us? Was our job simply to teach our children how to be a savvy victim of circumstances? And if that was not the case we realized that it was not about talking the talk or even walking the walk. Our children are looking a lot more closely than that. If we were to raise empowered children we would have to be empowered.

What is empowerment? Empowerment is the experience of the truth of who we are. Empowerment is felt oneness with source energy. Empowerment is connecting to the vibrancy of our spirit before choosing how we will respond to whatever is occurring, whether it is in our world or in our mind. Empowerment is the certainty that how we are being will always be more important than what we are doing. Empowerment is a choice that we make concerning what warrants our attention.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Rolf,

every day holds a need to be reminded that how we exist in this world is a conscious decision. how comforting it is to know that you and Mariam wil raise the kind of people who will value and embrace this responsibility. sandy c.

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