Wednesday, February 14, 2007


For Valentine’s Day I thought I would take the plunge and share what I know about love:

1) After my first date with Mariam, I went home and told my roommate that I would ask her to marry me. This places me firmly in the camp of when he or she is the one you know.

2) On May 21st 1990, I prayed without any sense of who or what I was praying to for help with my alcoholism. I immediately felt better and knew that everything was going to be ok. I have been sober every moment since then and the desire to drink has never come back. At about the same time an overwhelming desire to express my thanks took root in my heart and this desire has proven to be two or three times the strength of any negativity I can muster. Day after day year after year I have found that love is stronger than fear. Much stronger.

3) Over the last few years I have watched my son and my daughter come into the world. I have looked into their eyes countless times. Their eyes are always filled with love for me a love that I have not earned, they just shine their love on me
because they know of no other way to be. Love is what we are born with.


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