Friday, February 23, 2007

Time in the Classroom

My wife and I share a workspace and over the desk we have each placed a vision board that holds images of the future we wish to create for ourselves. At the center of mine there is a drawing that depicts the synergizing of the various areas of my life. In the picture there is a flower coming out of the earth and a blue sky over it. The earth represents the essentials in my life like family, learning, and yoga practice. Time in the classroom is also an element of the soil of life. All of the good I wish to do in this lifetime is directly affected by the skill and heart I can bring to a classroom.

Time in the classroom means many things for me. It means the willingness to accept a discipline, the willingness to take part in a process that has no finish line, the willingness affirm my belief in the essential goodness of humanity everyday, every class. Above all, time in the classroom comes down to two things: Honoring my intuition, and honoring the individuals who pass through my classes. Honoring my intuition is essentially listening. I am learning to listen. Honoring the students that come to my class is about seeing them as they truly are. I am learning to see. I am like someone who has been asleep and a loved one is calling them awake.


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