Saturday, November 11, 2006

The gentlest thing

The weather today in Tarrytown, New York is perfect. The fall leaves and the blue sky combine with gentle breezes to create a sort of heaven. I am sitting on a sweet little bench in the middle of a sweet little town remembering what happiness is. For the previous 48 hours I felt that happiness was winning an election. It certainly felt that way. For a while unhappiness and doom was losing an election and then later happiness was gloating over winning an election. There was a moment there when I gave heartfelt thanks to all of the millions of people who gave of themselves to make their country a better place and that was real, and that gratitude will stay with me . The rest of it was like a snow storm in April melting away the morning after.

I am already free, I am already at peace, I am already happy. Nothing can alter that in any way not birth, not death. The deepest peace, the most moving sense of connectedness, the contentment of all questions having been answered with a yes, this is source energy which is who we are. And occasionally we get distracted, we start to think something could enhance or diminish who we are.

I knew this had happened because as I sat on my bench I could feel the emptiness of the last couple days. Once it was actually election day I began living in a world of Ideas. This idea could bring fulfillment, this idea could bring sorrow, and then there was all of the ideas I had about my ideas, positions, opinions, accusations, observations, even a few stipulations. I stayed in my head checking websites, reading papers, telling everybody I knew about my thoughts about everyone else’s thoughts. And each thought generating and emotion, and each emotion obscuring my connection to source.

The sky, the clouds, the leaves are all brilliant, and feel like love. The bench underneath me, the movement of breath through my body, the feeling of the air on my skin brings me back and I begin again. I am happy as I get up and walk into the morning sunlight as though I have come home from a journey. “The gentlest thing in the world overcomes the hardest thing in the world.” Lao-Tzu


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